Ta Thank you
Taipan A deadly Australian snake
Take A swindler, one who defrauds or cheats
Take a piece out of To reprove someone sharply
Take a screw at To look at, examine
Take down A deception or fraud
Take on A fight; to take someone on; to engage a person in combat or in any contest of skill or endurance
Talent Larrikins; bodgies; crooks; the underworld in general; females attending a party or gathering
Talk turkey Talk plain; talk straight
Tall poppy -a- Someone who excels
Tallie -a- A large bottle of beer
Tambaroora muster A collection of money to buy drinks
Tank An excavation (generally square) on a station in which water is held for stock
Tar & Feather Used to be a form of initiation in the shearing sheds a few years back, that shearers did to Rousy's
Tarboy A woolshed hand whose job at shearing time is to administer tar to cut sheep
Tatts Tattersall's lottery
Tazzie or Tassie Tasmania
Tea The evening meal
Teaser A castrated or partly castrated ram, which is placed in a ewe flock to identify ewes on heat
Teddy bear A flashily dressed and exhibitionistic person
Tee up -to- To arrange or organise something
Ten, twelve, two and a quarter An old formula for a man's rations on farms and stations - 10 lb. Flour, 12 Ib. meat, 2 lb. sugar, lb. tea
Territorian Any person that lives in the Northern Territory
There's no doubt about you A rather nonsensical phrase of admiration or goodwill
Thingo Anything one does not know the real name for eg "What's the name of that thingo"
Thongs Sandals made from rubber or plastic
Three cornered horse A scraggy, weedy, outlaw horse
Three pen worth of God help us A contemptuous phrase applied to a weakling or an insignificant person
Threshing machine -fight like a- To fight vigorously
Throw in As for chuck in
Thursdee Thursday
Ti tree Incorrect for tea tree
Tick Credit
Tick stain Discolouration of wool caused by excreta of the sheep tick or ked
Tickle the peter To rob a cash register or till
Tie up a dog To obtain credit for drinks at a hotel. An account which the debtor fails to pay is called a mad dog
Tiers Mountains
Tilda As for Matilda
Tin ear An eavesdropper
Tin kettling A form of noise-making to celebrate some special occasion, which consists of banging tins, metal trays and other objects capable of producing a racket
Tinarse An unusually lucky person
Tinnie Unusually or fantastically lucky; a can of beer
Tipslinger A racehorse or greyhound
Tit -get on one's- To annoy one greatly; to infuriate
Tiz up As for flossy up
TM -a- A ready made or Tailor Made cigarette
Todger Penis
Toe rag Originally rags which an outback itinerant wound about his toes or feet; a person of small account; a no-hoper; a 1 banknote
Toe ragger A short sentence prisoner in a jail
Togs A swimming costume
Tom Collins The supposed source of rumour in the Riverina area
Tom thumb A type of cicada
Tomahawk -to- To cut a sheep during shearing
Tommy Bread baked with currants and sugar
Tommy Cornstalk An Australian soldier in the Boer War
Tommy -to- To leave
Tongs Hand shears for shearing sheep
Tonk A simpleton or fool; an effeminate male
Tonked -get- To be knocked out; beaten in a fight; to be punished
Too right Yes, certainly
Topend -the- Far northern Australia
Topender -a- Any person who lives in the Northern Territory
Topoff A police informer
Torch Flashlight
Tote A racecourse totalisator
Tough as fencing wire Extremely durable
Track A warder who will carry contraband messages or goods out of or into jail for a prisoner
Triantelope Popular name for the large Huntsman spider Delena cancerides
Troppo -a- A person who is acting as if being mentally disturbed
Trot -a- A sequence
True blue Anything real Australian
Tucker Food in general
Tuckerbag Was used to store food in, while in the outback
Tuckshop The canteen or cafeteria in a school
Tuesdee Tuesday
Turf out -to- To throw away or reject
Turn it up A warning to stop
Turps Any alcoholic drink
Twenty to a dozen -doing- To work very fast
Twicer A double crosser
Two-up A gambling game in which two pennies are tossed. Bets are being made on whether they will fall heads or tails