The Shed
The Shed

The Shed had humble beginnings as a change room for the local football and cricket teams. At this time it was occasionally used for barbeque nights but nothing like there is available now. The simple 'shed' that the men changed in, was transformed in 1992 to the venue that it is today. It is being upgraded as new facilities can  be afforded and are needed. The beer garden is the newest addition.

The Shed is run by the local Sports and Community Club, which is a voluntary organisation of anglers and sports people from within American River. In the Aussie tradition there are bar facilities and a footy tipping board. However, The Shed is a lot more than just another 'pub'.

On Tuesday afternoons the locals participate in Indoor Bowling and in the evening of the same day there is a Kangaroo Island wide Darts competition run here. As the community has proudly displayed on the walls; American River people take their sports as seriously as their drinking!

The bar is open 7 days a week from 4 pm until midnight and locals gather there to 'yarn' about their days activities, world events and local gossip. A full range of beverages are available including tea and coffee.

On Friday nights you will find a choice of 3 or more main course meals and desserts at very reasonable charges. The food is prepared in the commercial kitchen by local 'good' cooks. Everyone is welcome, but during the school holiday season it is recommended that a booking is made. Pre-arrangements for  other occasions can be made and The Shed can be booked to cater for large groups of people. Our angler visitors and some of the local sports teams have dinners here on days other than Fridays and the friendly staff at The Shed are happy to talk to you about your needs if you are visiting as a group.

We also have shower facilities for people visiting on yachts and campers.  A small charge applies for this, as rainwater is precious and when it runs out; water must be brought in by tanker. We don't drink a lot of water at The Shed!

A New Years Party is held here each year and this is a good time to meet and get friendly with the locals if you are staying in American River at this time.

The Shed can be contacted by:

Telephone +61 8 8553 7288 or

for all you non-Aussies a 'pub' is a hotel and a 'yarn' is a long chat. Waxy was a local identity who sadly passed away .... he always wanted a bar named after himself and he got his wish well before his passing. It will remain 'Waxy's Bar' in his memory.

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